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Understanding the World in Reception

Understanding the World: 

This week the children went for a hunt to find naturally found objects in the Wild Life Garden. Their challenge was to use those items to create their own self-portrait. Through this activity, the children were able to identify similarities and differences between themselves and their peers. We also talked about each other's facial features and what makes each person unique.


W/B 02.10.23 - This week we talked about our family members and used photographs from home to draw our family portraits. We also talked about how they looked as a baby and the difference in the way they look now. Children were interested in telling me all the things they can do now that they couldn't as a baby like riding a scooter and dressing themselves!


W/B 18.09.23 - This week the children have been learning all about the season of Autumn. We visited the Wild Life Garden and went on a natural treasure hunt. The children found twigs, sticks, pieces of bark, leaves with teeth around the edge and lobed leaves. We looked at the colours of the leaves and compared them to how green they looked in the summer.