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Parent Council

Mission Grove Parent Council


The Mission Grove Parent Council was set up with the intention of improving parental engagement at the school. Its aim is to:

  • Give parents an insight into how the school is run
  • Allow the Senior Leadership Team to understand better the views of parents on matters concerning the school
  • Contribute to addressing the school’s priorities
  • Continue to build on the relationship between the school and the wider community
  • Contribute to the monitoring and improvement of teaching and learning

As a member of the Parent Council you will:

  • Attend half-termly meetings
  • Represent the interests of all parents within the class you represent
  • Contribute to discussions and ideas concerning the schools’ priorities
  • Interview teachers and pupils with the help of the Senior Leadership Team


Below are the presentations for each Parent Council meeting.

Parent Council 1: Summer 2 2019 - Attendance

Parent Council 2: Autumn 1 2019 - Relationship Education

Parent Council 3: Spring 1 2020 - Packed Lunch Policy

Parent Council 4: Summer 1 2021 - Returning to School/Lockdown Learning/Promoting the School to Prospective Parents

Parent Council 5: Autumn 2 2021 - Teaching and Learning Tour with the School Captains

Parent Council 6: Spring 2 2022 - Mental Health and Wellbeing/Zones of Regulation

Parent Council 7: Summer 1 2023 - Power Maths