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The role of the Governing Body is to ‘conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school’, ( website, 2014).

The Governing Body consists of unpaid volunteers, who work alongside the Head teacher to establish the aims and policies of the school; they are responsible for overseeing the organisation, curriculum and budget of the school.

Our Governing Body consists of:

  • 3 Parents (elected by Parents)
  • The Head teacher
  • 7 Co-opted including 1 staff member(elected by Governors )
  • 1 Staff members (elected by staff)
  • 1 Local Authority (elected by Governors)

If you would like to contact the Governing Body, you can do so by writing to the Chair of Governors, at the school address or by email to


Stephanie North - Co-opted Governor

Name:   Stephanie North
Position held: Co-opted Governor

I would like to become a school governor so that I can contribute my skills and experience to help a school and its pupils thrive. As a governance professional, the skills I use every day at work will support me in the role of governor. I have governance and people expertise which I am confident will enable me to help a school review and improve its processes and procedures for the benefit of pupils, teachers and the wider school community. I work with senior leaders and non-executive directors on a daily basis and I am adept at analysing legislation, facts, evidence and providing advice accordingly. I am passionate about education, and for the past five years I have volunteered with a social enterprise as a tutor for under-privileged children at schools across London. Unfortunately, the demands of my day job mean it has become more challenging to regularly tutor within school hours so I am looking for the right opportunity to contribute my time and experience in another meaningful way. At this stage of my career, I want to enhance my knowledge of the education sector and use my skills in a more formal setting. I am committed to continuous learning and if successful I would take up opportunities for training to develop any specialised knowledge required by the role. I am also motivated to make a difference in my local community which I moved to shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, and which I understand has a shortage of governors - an issue for which I hope to be part of the solution!

Rita O'Farrell Co opted Governor

Name:  Rita O'Farrell
Position held:  Co opted Governor

I I feel I would be of some value because of my previous experience of working in a primary school. I am retired so have the time to contribute to the well-being of a local primary school. I have a Very positive attitude and I think that I Would be able to assist the head with ideas and practical help in the running of the school. I also have quite a lot of experience in running after-school clubs especially in sports and the arts. I have experience throughout school although my main position was in early years and key stage one.




Nick Serban - LA Governor

Name:  Nick Serban 
Positions Held:  LA Governor, Finance Committee


Galina Krasteva - Co opted Governor

Name: Galina Krasteva
Position Held: Co opted Governor - Finance committee

I am a Professional Qualified Accountant with a solid background in financial, management and bookkeeping accounting for companies and clients and believe my skills and knowledge will be beneficial in overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent. As a working mum I understand how important the school environment and good educations is. I am so grateful the school that my child attends is outstanding in every aspect and I would like to help other schools achieve high standards and offer outstanding services to their pupils. Good start in life provides children with more opportunities in further education and better career progression and wellbeing.

Karla Thomas- Parent Governor

Name: Karla Thomas
Position Held: Parent Governor

My name is Karla Thomas and I am a parent to 4 children, 3 of which attend Mission Grove, my 6 year old daughter is in year 1, my 4 year old is in reception and my 3 year old is in nursery and one day my new born will be attending Mission Grove.

I am currently a member of the PTA, I have been a member of PTA for going on 2 years now. I decided I want to help our school reach its full potential so I decided to become a parent governor, which I love as I am a part of group of amazing people who are all like myself just want the best for our school, staff and pupils.

I have a lot of interest in all different things like I have certain qualifications in word processing, decorating, knitting, art and multi-skills which cover me on carpentry and tiling. I do love to work and engage with children and hopefully in the long run I will get a job within a school and be able to help teach our children as the kids of today are the future and to get them where they should I want to be able to help guild and show them they way, which is being a part of something special to me.


Meshak Taylor Co-opted Governor

Name:  Meshak Taylor
Position Held: Co-opted , Curriculum Committee

The role has provided me with great insight into the running of our school. As an ex  teacher I feel I can use my knowledge to help support and inform the Governing Body. I know the staff and community of Mission Grove very well. At Mission Grove we have been involved in many developments and the Governors have a vital role to play in any future success.

Rashda Choudhary - Staff Governor

Name:  Rashda Choudhary
Position Held: Staff (Teacher Governor)

I have taught at the school for many years and feel that I can convey the messages and feelings of the stuff to the Governing Body. I can also inform the staff of Governing Body decisions and matters.

Katie Jennings Headteacher

Name: Katie Jennings
Position Held: Staff (Head Teacher Governor), Curriculum Committee, Finance Committee

I attend all the Governors meetings and give regular reports to the Governors regarding finance, data and the standards of teaching and learning here at Mission Grove. 

Joanne Grainger - Co opted Governor

Name:  Joanne Grainger
Positions Held: Co-opted Governor

I believe that schools have incredible power to both support, nurture and educate children but in so doing to also impact and change society for the better. I also believe that is an incredibly challenging and broad-ranging remit and that teachers and the teams that support them are pulled in many different directions to execute against that challenge. A well rounded and broad skilled governing body can help reduce some of those pressures to create greater focus on teaching and surround provision. Throughout my professional career, I have been drawn to roles with a breadth of overlapping responsibilities and my current role is a great example of that. In the practical sense, I run a multimillion-pound budget made up of multiple account lines, am responsible for the day to day HR operations as well as the provision of a safe and secure working environment for over 200 employees. However, the part of my role that brings me the most joy is helping create the culture and foster a community where these employees, many of whom have standalone roles across diverse functions such as marketing, IT, HR and risk, can come together, bring their authentic selves, share ideas and thrive. I believe this blend of commitment to creating productive and enriching environments alongside practical skills in employee selection, management, HR topics, finance and health and safety make me well suited to a role on the right governing body.

Matilda Thaddeus-Johns  - Chair. Co opted Governor

Name: Matilda Thaddeus-Johns
Position held: Co-opted Governor - Chair 

The opportunity to volunteer as a school governor is a hugely exciting prospect for me. I passionately believe in the potential of education to fundamentally improve life chances. In light of the significant challenges faced by the education sector as a result of Covid, I feel compelled to contribute my nine years of professional experience in the creative education sector, alongside my project management and interpersonal skills, in supporting the improvement of outcomes for pupils.


My career has encompassed significant experience in leadership roles in cultural organisations delivering creative education in schools, including: setting up and managing a new Community Interest Company delivering drama workshops teaching mental wellbeing in schools, and my current role as the Schools Programme Manager for an East London creative education charity where I lead on the strategy and delivery of cultural education programmes within schools. The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing first hand the impact of creative experiences on children and young people participating, and the benefit to school communities as a whole. As I often liaise with teachers and senior leaders about the school improvement needs within their school, I have an in-depth understanding of the current challenge faced by schools in the wake of Covid, in ensuring that all pupils are given a chance to succeed and enjoy school life.

This experience has made me deeply committed to being a school governor and I would find contributing to problem-solving and strategy-building in order to help overcome these, deeply satisfying.


As a strong communicator and team player, I thoroughly enjoy working collaboratively and I look forward to the rewarding experience of attending meetings and events and working hard alongside a team of governors to champion the school, students and families. 

Dr Joseph Viscomi -  Parent Governor

Name: Dr Joseph Viscomi
Position Held Parent Governor



Lorraine Weir - Co-opted Governor

Name: Lorraine Weir
Position Held: Co-opted Governor - Finance committee


I am a Finance Manager for both a Construction Company and a Cleaning Company.

I love children and want to assist in anyway I can in motivating them to believe “Yes You Can”. You can become anything you want to be so long as you set your goals and work at it.

It is a pleasure to be a part of Mission Grove Primary as I believe in their ethos.

My hobbies include being a part of amazing singing group (MKC) and going to the cinema (nothing beats a superhero movie).



Ramen Mauree - Parent Governor 

Name: Ramen Mauree
Position Held: Parent Governor - Curriculum committee


I am eager to become a school governor at my children's school in the aim of gaining some priceless experience and building up my skill in many levels. Most importantly i would like to serve the school with the wealth of my professional experience i have as a professional chef With his extensive experience in culinary arts, holding a BSC hons degree, and currently serving as the head chef at Warner Bros Head Office in central London, I brings a wealth of management skills and expertise to the table. In the past, I have served as a chef manager at a private school in Hampstead, allowing me to establish strong connections with students, parents, and staff alike. I am passion for education, combined with my ability to interact effectively with various stakeholders. With my diverse background, dedication, and proven track record demonstrate commitment to making a positive impact within the school community.