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Annual Statement 2015/16

Governor’s Annual Statement

Academic Year 2015/6


At Mission Grove, we strive to ensure all of our pupils leave as well rounded individuals who have the passion and confidence to do their best, and the skills to succeed and flourish in life. The governing body is proud of the safe, caring and inclusive environment created by all staff at Mission Grove, and we fully support the school’s aims to:

·         Follow its motto ‘Respect yourself, respect others’;

·         Promote social, cultural, moral and spiritual development, preparing pupils to be responsible citizens;

·         Encourage partnership with parents/carers and foster positive links with the community.

In accordance with the government’s requirements, the governing body at Mission Grove Primary School concentrates on three core strategic functions:

·         Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

·         Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

·         Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Governance Arrangements


The governing body is made up of 13 positions:


·         3 parent governors appointed by ballot of the parents at the school


·         1 staff governor appointed by ballot of the staff


·         1 headteacher


·         1 Local Authority governor nominated by the Local Autority


·         7 Co-opted governors appointed by the governing body based on a skills audit (including 1 additional staff governor)

School governors are all volunteers and give a huge amount of their time for the benefit of the pupils of Mission Grove. Governors (apart from the headteacher) are all appointed, they are independent and have equal status to each other. They act first and foremost in the best interests of the school.

The governors are part of the leadership of the school. Together with the headteacher, business manager and senior leadership team, they have planned, monitored and supported every aspect of the school’s work. This happens through half-termly governing body meetings, along with half-termly meetings of the curriculum and finance committees. These committees operate within agreed Terms of Reference, and report back to the full governing body. We have a cycle of business to help us ensure that all the topics we are required to oversee in a year are covered.

Minutes of governing body meetings are available on the governors section of the Mission Grove website.

Attendance and skills analysis

A copy of the governing body’s annual attendance record is available on the governors section of the school website. In the autumn term of each year, the governing body also completes an annual skills analysis; we use this to inform our training and development and to help identify gaps that we can fill when recruiting to our vacancies. This report is anonymised and is available on the school website.

Monitoring and evaluating

Governors undertake a number of activities in order to monitor and evaluate how the school is operating. In full governing body and committee meetings, we receive reports and presentations from the headteacher, senior leadership team and subject coordinators. In the last academic year, governors also attended three governor days, where we visited a range of lessons and extra-curricular activities, as well as talking to teachers and pupils about their time at Mission Grove. Governors also attend events such as parent coffee mornings, open days and school assemblies.

Each non-staff governor has link responsibilities. Link governors monitor their area of responsibility by engaging with the lead staff member within the school for that area. They check that all required processes and procedures are in place, and report back to the full governing body. Mission Grove has link governors in the following areas:

·         Numeracy

·         Literacy

·         Science

·         Computing

·         Creative and expressive arts

·         Wellbeing

·         Behaviour and attendance

·         Finance and pupil premium

·         Early years foundation stage

·         Special educational needs and disabilities

·         Safeguarding and looked after children

Effectiveness and impact

The school has a School Development Plan (SDP) that is used by the governing body and senior leadership team to ensure the school is working strategically to deliver the best education for every child. Below is an overview of some of the ways the governing body carried out its duty to monitor and support the school in the delivery of the SDP in the academic year 2015/6:

·         Governors have attended governor days to understand how the school is implementing policies, evaluate day to day practice and identify any areas for development;

·         Governors have attended school council and eco-council meetings, giving voice to the pupils of Mission Grove;

·         Governors have ensured all required policies have been reviewed and adopted in line with government legislation;

·         The governing body have approved financial proposals and the use of pupil premium, followed by scrutiny of the impact of this spending;

·         Governors have approved spending for new playground equipment, including a MUGA, adventure trail, climbing frame and new early years play areas on both the north and south sites;

·         Governors have attended INSET with the senior leadership team to analyse pupil performance data, recognise trends and identify areas for development;

·         Governors have received presentations from literacy, computing, school visits and EYFS leaders in order to understand new developments and monitor how policies are being implemented;

·         Governors have received a presentation from the deputy head about the new curriculum framework and working with more able pupils;

·         Governors worked with school captains on the school travel award

Key priorities for next year

Over the next academic year, the governing body has set itself the following priorities:

·         To continue to develop the effectiveness of the governing body, through development of the link governor role;

·         To develop a mechanism for recording monitoring of policies;

·         To develop a governor induction process;

·        To begin working towards the Governance kite mark.

The governing body will continue to support and challenge the headteacher and senior leadership team in working towards the school’s priorities:

·         Raising standards of attainment;

·         Raising expectations of all pupils;

·         Tracking and monitoring vulnerable groups;

·         Embedding a creative curriculum across all year groups;

·        Strengthening the leadership team;

·         Ensuring governors fulfil their strategic role in support and challenge.


This report gives only a snapshot of the work and activities carried out at Mission Grove over the last academic year. The governing body would like to thank Ms Jennings and her team for their dedication and commitment to ensuring every child has a stimulating, fulfilling and enjoyable education.

If you would like any further information about the governing body, or if you have any questions, please contact the chair of governors at ….

Signed on behalf of the governing body

Nicole Whitelaw (chair of governors)