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Countdown to the GIANT concert, 5 weeks to go!

Our school has been chosen to take part in a huge theatrical event, celebrating our natural heritage. On the 18th and 19th of October, certain oak trees in Epping Forest will be transformed and become the stage for some of our students. The children will sing, act and climb, performing songs and drama, including a reimagining of Oscar Wilde's poem, 'The Selfish Giant.' For our first sessions, we learnt some of the songs and worked on developing our voices. We then learnt how to use a 'foot lock' and 'hand lock' to climb some of the enormous oak trees, from which we will perform. We then explored the forest, learning about acorns. We had a fantastic day, learning a wide range of new skills and overcame our fears. The countdown is on, and things are only going to get even better!
  • We found larvae in some acorns.

    We found larvae in some acorns..jpg
    We found larvae in some acorns.
  • First time altogether.

    First time altogether..jpg
    First time altogether.
  • Chorus time!

    Chorus time!.jpg
    Chorus time!
  • Practising the songs.

    Practising the songs..jpg
    Practising the songs.
  • Overcoming our fears.

    Overcoming our fears..JPG
    Overcoming our fears.
  • This giant oak is easy...

    This giant oak is easy....JPG
    This giant oak is easy...
  • Ready for the ascent.

    Ready for the ascent..JPG
    Ready for the ascent.
  • Almost there.

    Almost there..jpg
    Almost there.
  • High up in the tree tops.

    High up in the tree tops..jpg
    High up in the tree tops.